Dear Public Servants, the Government of The United Kingdom,

I write to inform you that we, the public of Great Britain, are growing ever more aware of the fact that successive governments have been purposely deceiving us regarding the prohibition of cannabis for approximately 70 years.

We are aware of the racist, unethical, immoral, unjust, unlawful and wholly discriminate propaganda that revolves around the entire issue of the state's attempt to hood-wink society. Almost every conceivable prejudice has been thrown at the issue, no matter how absurd, in an attempt for the state to protect the lie. Such illogical maintenance of the lie continues to this day and we, your electorate, are fully aware of your futile attempts to keep your necks above the waters of public knowledge. It is a dangerous situation to have the electorate over-take it's government in this manner.

The Internet is alive with overwhelming evidence to counter each and every one of the state's unsubstantiated claims against cannabis. Such evidence has also been provided by your electorate here on this website and under this topic. The "free" citizen is easily able to research evidence that will acknowledge that, indeed, they are trusting an untrustworthy government.

We, the people and your electorate, demand that you immediately cease lying to us and begin a process of reconciliation with your electorate so that we may once again be able to trust the people that we elect. We demand an apology and an admission of complicity in the corrupt deceit of society. We also demand an immediate repeal of cannabis prohibition and it's full legalisation.

An open lie cannot be upheld! The State has been found out! WE KNOW!!! Continuation of such deceit of the public in the face of overwhelming and publicly accessible evidence to the contrary will simply result in an ever diminishing respect, confidence and trust of the state by the electorate. The lie simply cannot be maintained.

Yours sincerely,


Why is this idea important?

This is possibly one of the single most important Idea's contained on this site. Whether you are a cannabis user or not, every member of the public should be extremely concerned and angered by the corrupt lies deceit and propaganda of the state regarding cannabis prohibition. Why? Well it is the very simplest concept of democracy, that of implicit trust in our public servants. If we are unable to trust them to not profoundly deceive us on a yearly basis for almost a century regarding cannabis then how on Earth are we to trust them on more serious issues such as state security, economy, prisons, criminal legislation and (most importantly) the PROTECTION OF OUR FREEDOM?

Like it or not, the issue of cannabis prohibition and the fight for legalisation, liberty, truth and justice effects every walk of life for if the government see that open faced deceit works as a policy of state control then we are all in serious trouble.

It is not cannabis legalisation that is the core of the fight against prohibition but rather it is our very freedom, the sanctity of liberty, justice and our beloved democracy that we are fighting to maintain.

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