Multiple CRB checks by the same employer

Whilst appreciating fully the necessity of CRB checks, the system requires a rigorous review & some common sense applied  as the fear of rogue elements has resulted in extraordinary bureaucracy!

I have two particular examples:

  1. Staff with an existing CRB check who are a) sent on secondment for career development or b) are being promoted within the same employing organisation require another  check! 
  2. Staff with an existing CRB check who are returning to work post-retirement to the same employer  for a few hours weekly require another  check!

These rules apply even if the employee has only just had a check done, which is absolutely ridiculous! I could understand it if the previous role did not require a check, but this is not the case, so multiple checks end up in the employees file! Rather perversely, if an employee stays in the same position for 40 years, they might only have one check (on application) for that post. The system requires streamlining.


Why does this idea matter?

This is a complete waste of public money & man-hours. In many cases the public sector employer is paying, even though they have on file the previous CRB check, the taxpayer picking up the cost. There must be thousands of people involved nationally. No wonder the system is so overloaded!

There has to be a more sensible approach than this, surely?

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