My idea is for a subscription based Data Base that can contain your personal data. It would work so that you only give it the data you want to store there.

The data base can hold your name, address(s), date of birth, medical information, employment history, education and biometric data and other information.  The credentials should be verifiable such that when you enter a qualification  <A Grade> from <A School> you the user are then asking the system to verify the information and a request is made of the school for that information.

The user is then able to manage this information  and how it is used.  For example rather than filling in the same information on ten job application forms for ten different companies all of whom want  to know the same things, they are each sent an independent secure token that allows them access to a defined set of date from the data base.

If a token is sent to company 1 that token will then let them view but not record your name, phone number and highest qualification.  Company 2 gets different token and can read into their own records your name, work history, UK employment entitlement and qualifications.  Company 3 doesn't get a token and can not view any information.  The DVLA gets a token can read your name, address, your medical history, date of birth…

The idea is to reduce the amount time and effort put into applying for jobs and over activities where personal data is used.  This can be separate from an ID system but is meant to be a simple personal information management system.  You would need to prove who you are to use the system to avoid fraud and identity theft.  Security is of paramount importance.  The police would require a court order to review a person's data without their consent or restriction.

Why is this idea important?


This is important because it will save time and money.  It applies to everyone.

As a subscription based system it is not compulsory and only does what you want.


Information Management and Control.

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