This is what I'd like to see done, I've almost given up with voting, but decided to give it one last chance incase the Lib Dems did something.  Time will tell –


Introduce STV, or AV as a beginning to STV. My vote needs to count. But before any fair voting system is introduced we need honest politicians. It doesn't matter what system we use if they're all a bunch of dishonest unprincipled party hacks… The politicians are more important than the voting system.

Legalise soft drugs like Cannabis. I have decided I will not vote again for any party that wants to keep cannabis illegal. It's my 'red line in the sand'.

Give people the right to tackle burglars and muggers without the risk that they will go to jail for defending themselves.

Outlaw all Sharia Courts.  I've been in Malaysia where they have two legal systems and Muslims are subjected to religious laws and can't change their religion.  It's not as bad here but having Sharia Courts is the thin end of the wedge – don't want to see the UK going down that path.

Make all education secular. Religious schools are divisive.

Cut crime by prescribing heroin to hardened addicts.  I'm sick of the crime it causes.

Make jail for people that the public are threatened by, not speeding motorists and the like. If the person is no threat to society they don't need to be behind bars. Find some other way to punish them that doesn't cost us tax payers £38,000 per year! Stick them in overalls and make the sweep the streets. I'd rather a shoplifter did that than was incarcerated at a cost of £38,000. Was Jeffrey Archer for example a threat to society? If not why did he need to be put away?  Why not just stick a paint brush in his hand and tell him to paint a community centre or something – criminal justice shouldn't be about petty revenge.

End laws against incitement to religious hatred. Taking the piss out of religion is not borderline criminal, it's funny.

Restore free speech. The only restrictions on free speech should be that you shouldn't be allowed to encourage someone else to do something that is illegal. People should have the right to be offensive and say things the nanny state/church/Mullahs etc might not like.

Scrap Labour laws that require ISPs to grass up their customers and cut of the family broadband. The Internet has changed things including the way that some things are distributed. The music and movie industries will just have to find a way to adapt and profit from the new status quo rather than using their power and influence to try and role things back to the 1990's.

Purge criminal records if the person hasn't committed crimes for years. Or at least stop insurance companies voiding people's home insurance for a petty offence years ago.  There needs to be a major rebalancing that takes into account that some people have paid the price and need to be given another chance with a clean slate.

Restore the right to protest.

Scrap the national identity register.

Stop the cover up of British national tortured abroad – punish those who had any part in it and don't protect them

Why is this idea important?

It would feel like a free country again.

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