i feel that people claiming benefits is atrocious! i do not agree with it wot so ever. young teenage girls getting pregnant and i get taxed from my wage packet for it to go towards people not working spending there benefit money on booze, fags and drugs. and for young mums to claim money and get a house and then my tax goes on paying for there baby. if i wanted to pay for young people to get pissed and for young mums babys i might aswell give it to them my self .

i would rather my tax go to people that actually do something for our country . e.g ambulance , police , soldiers ect.. this is something i feel very strongly about. i would rather my tax go on people like them not going towards people who claim! 

Why is this idea important?

my idea is important because im sure im not the only one who gets annoyed about it. i want something done about it. i would still pay the same amount of tax but none of it to go towards benefits. i feel that alot of people would be more than happy to know were and who our tax goes on to and for it to be going towards people who do something for us. 

they help us , we help you !

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