Two blatant government myths – both feminist in origin – commonly peddled around are:

  1. The Pay Gap
  2. Prostitutes are exploited women trafficked by unscrupulous men.

Let me take these one at a time.

1. The Pay Gap is a lie. Men certainly earn more than women ON AVERAGE, but this is because they choose harder jobs that pay more. But for the same work they earn the same. After all, why on planet earth would companies employ men if women were cheaper for doing the same work?

2. Women enter into prostitution for the MONEY. They enter it voluntarily. They can earn a 4-figure sum daily — that’s untaxed. At the last world cup held in Germany, it was “predicted” that 50,000 women would be “trafficked”. But after strenuous searches the actual number was – wait for it – THREE. Indeed, most trafficked people are actually MEN – who are economic migrants.

So to come back to my point, if government ministers and other politicians are deliberately feeding the public lies, they should be prosecuted. (If they make a false statement in good faith that it was true, then this would make them innocent.)

Why is this idea important?

Government lies misinform the public, something unacceptable in itself. But, as in the examples I have cited, they also demonize sections of the public. Here, this is men.

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