I would like all Naked Airport body scanners to be changed so that the naked image of a person is not viewed by any airport worker. Britain is the only country in the world were you must comply with a digital strip search. If you refuse you will loose your holiday and all the money you spent on it. You will also be barred from flying for life so the pressure is on the person to get completely naked in front of strangers. Most people think the scan is like an x-ray. If the public only knew it was a detailed naked image and that  any part of the body can be zoomed in on and viewed in great detail they would be horrified and refuse to fly.

They must all be changed to a human stick figure image which highlights an area of interest ie: objects that haven’t been removed and placed on a tray for the security guard to view.

As we all know if you are going through a metal detector you would take out all of your belongings and place them on the tray for the guard to view. If some one is trying to smuggle something through they would keep it on their person. If it isn’t metal like plastic explosives then a metal detector wouldn’t detect this but a scanner would easily show a body of mass that needs further investigation. These machines are a valuable tool in catching a would be terrorist or drug runner but why should the public be forced to expose themselves nude for anyone to see at an airport when the technology is available to protect the decency and privacy of people who really want to fly but feel that a person of the opposite sex seeing them naked is more than they are willing to sacrifice.

Manchester airport is trialling this technology at the moment for the public’s privacy. If this isn’t rolled out across the board then it is a gross invasion of privacy of every individual that fly’s.

Why is this idea important?

It is VERY important that we as a civilised socity  change these digusting strip search machines that they have at airports.

It is a violation to the British public that they must stand with there legs apart and hands in the air and have a very detailed naked picture taken of them, and have it viewed by the oposite sex. This is clearly a humiliating situation that people are faced with if they want or need to fly. Why should people be expected to have there naked bodies exposed in great detail to opposite sex just because the airport says it’s in the interest of security. The Christmas day bomber would still have gotten through even if he went through a digital rape machine. Israel and Thailand have said they are useless and refuse to use them.

The rest of the world has an option, if you don’t want to expose your self naked to strangers you go for a pat down or they have the same sex officers view the person being scanned.

 Why is Britain forcing human beings to be stripped and examined in very clear detail by the opposite sex? Just because their face is blurred, this should not be an excuse for other men to perve on what could have been my wife. When a woman goes to the doctors to have an intimate examination she will be asked by the hospital staff if she is ok with a male doctor. If she agrees a female nurse will always be present at the time of the examination. No such dignity is afforded to passengers. All they get is your face is blurred so anyone Deemed trained can look at your intimate parts.

Americahas also admitted that these images can be saved, printed and sent.

How long before You Tube has THE BEST OF BODY SCANNER PICTURES. They say that no airport employee is allowed recordable devises at the point of viewing the images, but as you know the scanner operators aren’t scanned them selves so it is impossible to say that no one has taken in there mobile phone.

Manchesterairport has a security camera in side the room where the scanner operators view the images. Who is to say they don’t zoom in on the screen and have a good perve!

 My wife doesn’t wear low cut tops or very short skirts. She is very modest about her body and the only man she allows to see her naked body is ME, Her Husband…

Not some airport worker…

 I will never fly again while this disgusting rule of “you will be strip naked and have a picture taken or loose all of your money and be barred from flying” is in force. Winston Churchill will be turning in his grave at the thought of this disgusting behaviour.

Labour did not care about the dignity of the British public. Let’s hope the Conservatives do.

 Thank you for your time.

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