Subject all past and future legistlation to a "Nanny test".

The assumption must always be that the individual not the state knows best.

That is to say that if any legistaltion has the effect or intention of changing the behavior of an individual or group of individuals it must be abolished or not passed, unless it can be shown that the activity in question causes unresonable harm to other individuals or groups.

Examples are:

Health and saftey legistlation designed to remove all risk. It is up to an individual if they want to undertake risk.

Freedom of speech. anyone should be able to say what they wish. If someone does not like what is said the tough, but it does not harm them





Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because the stifling blanket of legistlation designed to make us all live like clones  in a non existant safe world is creating a society unable to renew and reengegise itself.

It also removes the fiction the the state and government know better than the people it is suppose to serve.

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