The government should hold a national referendum on our EU membership and the result should be legally binding on the government.
This country joined the EU on the understanding that it meant an end to trade restrictions and would allow free movement in the member countries.
That has now changed and Brussels dictates 75% of our laws and is becoming an undemocratic super state.
The UK public should be asked once and for all.
1.If they wish to leave the EU altogether.
2.Keep things as they are.
3.Remain a trading partner but opt out of everything else like Norway & Switzerland.
The majority decision should be binding on the government. There is no legal reason why we can't leave or become an associated trading partner.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because we need to decide once and for all if we want to be ruled by an unelected government encroaching more and more into our lives or keep our freedom and have only our own elected government to decide our laws and regulate the way we live.

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