Whilst I know this would upset a lot of mothers ( I am a mother myself) I feel that National service should be brought back. There are so few opportunities for children when they leave school and whilst some go on to further education and some do find gainful employment there is a vast majority who don't. Not everyone is academically able but it doesn't mean they are stupid they just have a different skill set. 

I feel if after 6 months or 1 yr of leaving school they haven't secured a place in college or found employment then they should join the army where they can have a trade and some direction. We have too few skilled workers in the UK. They could be based in the UK learning a trade and helping communities. The forces have many trades its not just shooting a gun, engineer, mechanic, telecommunications, chef, administration, driver, logistics. We need to give our youth some direction and get them off the streets and make the people of UK proud to be British

Why is this idea important?

we need to give our youth some direction. We need more skilled workers in the UK and not bringing in people from outside UK we have the population but we have no direction

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  1. That is too simple a remedy for the “powers that be”.

    Many countries around the world have a National Service obligation for their young men and women. The only stipulation that I would suggest is that National Servicemen/Women should not be sent overseas to fight wars on foreign soil. They should be trained in the defence of their country and only regular service personnel be sent overseas if needed.

    Of course the “bleeding hearts” would say that we are encouraging a warlike future generation and fail to see the benefits to the nation and to the individual.

    Hundreds of thousands of young men did National Service in the post war years and I would wager that 99.9% of them never regretted the 18 months or 2 years they served in one of the 3 services…..me included !

    Royal Air Force 1953 to 1961 and proud of it.

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