Nationalise childcare so that single parents can get off Income Support/JSA and into work. In 2004 the UK came 20th in nationalised childcare out of 23 European countries studied, trailing Turkey and Greece. Right now we have a lot LESS nationalised/subsidised childcare places than we did in WW2!

Why is this idea important?

As women still care for children more than men, this is unfair to women and contributes to the gender pay gap. Also, low-income two-parent families cannot afford childcare so one parent must stay at home, so they have less disposable income to spend. Single parents cannot work at all, unless they have high-paying jobs. They may be discouraged from working, as a lot of their wages would be spent on childcare. In sum, nationalised childcare leads to less people on state benefits, and more families spending more money, thus boosting the economy.

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