These silly laws that have dramatically changed the face for the law abiding off road enthusiasts  are only eventually going to force people who have legally been taking part in this passion for years to ride somewhere illegal . It seems very unfair that walkers are allowed to roam the land but when we want to "sight see" on two wheels , we cannot . You would be suprised to see how many ramblers we come across that don`t understand to rules of Highway/Byway etc . Maybe the government should implement a law of these likes so then they must pass a hazard awareness test before they are allowed to walk on an unmade ROAD . A friend of mine was hit on the arm by an 80 something old lady for riding on a legal byway , one could only imagine what would happen if he had done the some to her . More signs please .

Why is this idea important?

We all have a right to OUR countryside . Not all of us enjoy walking . In one day , you can take in a lot of views on two wheels . If we wanted to go fast we could take part in an enduro race .

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