To repeal the NERC act.

Why is this idea important?

 The act serves no useful purpose at all. The main effect of the act being to disenfranchise a large number of the population, for the benefit of a vocal minority.

 Many of the byways now closed to vehicles under the act, are now in far worse condition than they ever were before. Most clubs and the TRF actually repared the surface of byways etc, now that falls on local authorities, most of which don't have the funding available. This doesn't prevent the vocal few demanding that the damage they cause be repared at public cost.


 I haven't met a single genuine land owner who thinks that the act is good for them. No one to keep the vegetation back, so the track becomes choked, and even the vocal few can no longer use it. Every one looses out in the end.


 It's way past time that this totaly useless act was removed from the statute book, and a return to the situation prior to its inception is instituted.



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