From 29 November 2010, you will need to show that you can speak and understand English if you want to enter or remain in the UK as the partner of a British citizen or a person settled here.

I wish to change the new requirement so a person does not need to pass any test before any  power so that they may live there life together.

Why is this idea important?

 I find this totally unfair.  We already have a system in place that once a loved one is here they have 2 years during their intial visa to learn english and gain there Life in the UK test.  Only then they are given indefinate leave to remain.

This feels a duplication of effort.  What is the point! My civil liberties do not allow my government to take a basic human right and use it as a method to control entry into my country. I understand that we need to control our borders against illegal entry but to create laws to discriminate against loved ones!  My government is making me the citizen look bad and the world is watching.

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