That all new houses built should be detached properties with at least enough land to park up to  three cars in the front or, better, sides, of each property. The properties should also have sufficient land for a garden of suitable size in the rear and to a lesser extent to the front of the property. The exact size of land to be a subject for consultation but at least a quarter of an acre.

Why is this idea important?

Since the 1980's, mainly, vast areas of greenfield land have been covered with developements of tract homes which are often semi-detached and/or without garden space, or with pathetically small gardens consisting of a mere patch of grass. While some busy workers prefer not to have to deal with a garden, the wider social necessity is for children to have space in which to sit or play and for animals, birds and bees to use as a secondary habitat, together with the open countryside.

The proliferation of noise-making apparatus such as televisions, high-volume music machines etc means that neighbours often have to endure aural torture in this country, with frequent disputes occurring.

Disputes often centre around parking, because narrow roads are congested and full of parked cars, in turn because houses have been built with room to park only one car.

There is also a need for a more beautiful Britain, which this will help enormously, particularly with allied provisions which can be put in place to encourage wider suburban streets, lined wiith beautiful trees and/or bushes.

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