Introduce a new layer of law, a new Magna Carta, 2010.

This layer should take precendence over any other law or provision, so that it can be enforced in any court in the UK, and UK courts have to give it precedence over EU and other international law.

The Charter should state our human rights which should be absolute and subject to no interpretation (except by a jury), inferior legislation, or judicial instruction. Anyone who wishes to take action under the Charter would ask for a jury, and make their claims to the jury.

The Charter should give absolute rights of freedom of speech, expression, movement, sexuality, etc. Where two absolute rights conflict (e.g. freedom of religion vs freedom of association) the jury may rule that both claims are rightful, so that neither claim wins.

The Charter should only be changed following a referendum. Citizens should be permitted to propose amendments to the referendum wordings.

The Royal Coronation Oath should be amended to refer specifically to the Carta, and the monarch should be subject to the same liability to prosecution as anyone else in event of a breach.

Why is this idea important?

I believe in small government, but not quite minimal government. The problem is that government believes that it is an effective and efficient means of ensuring public welfare, and must grow, and that anyone who stands against it is wicked and in need of punishment and control. Obviously, I don't.

My proposal is to place the entire machinery of government underneath a public system of control, with punitive powers directed against its members for their oppression of the public. This is achieved by defining clearly the limits within which government is to be tolerated as a necessary evil. This was originally done by the Magna Carta in 1215, but that charter was progressively dismantled (by the central government it was set to control) over the course of centuries.

The charter, and also the means of changing it, must be made a publicly controlled system that can't be overridden. If they are allowed to, the governors will once again water down the charter until it's meaningless.

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