The proposal by the coalition government is surely a step in the right direction, though it needs I feel to be watch, as words do not always become actions and policies.

Somehow I am rather concerned about the idea of having 'British Liberties' and not following the Human Right Act, I do not think that we can actually just allow the UK to fade away from the HRA.

This would be very dangerous and also a very big contradiction with the coalition government's proposal to re-intruduce fairer civil liberties, stop ID cards and all other proposals and promises they have made to us.


Why is this idea important?

Simply because we cannot really believe promises from politicians

We need to follow charities such as Liberty and give them all our support to fight our ongoing suppressed human rights

We have gone a long way to have the Human Rights Act, Civil Liberties and we surely do not want to go away from them.

British Liberties has not been defined somehow it cannot and should not replace HRA, we cannot apply our 'own' Human Rights and Civil rights

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