I would like to suggest that potentially self-funding schools are founded in areas with high unemployment with the aim of fostering enterprise. Pupils could be taught all the necessary skills needed to set up and market their own business. The school could incorporate exhibiton ares and a retail outlet. They could also trade online worldwide. Pupils could also earn money by providing services to the local communty. It would be compulsory for teachers to have spent some time as a self-employed person and the general approach would be positive towards self-employment.

Business could participate and sponsor pupils. A worldview could be fostered. The creative approach would ensure that the process learning is fun but also it could be taught that making money can be enpowering. Pupils would see the results of their endeavours being ploughed back into the school creating growth of the school. Even if the school struggled financially there would be lessons to be learned.

Why is this idea important?

If we understood the source of our wealth and valued creative enterprise we could forge our way forward as a nation that is no longer failing but understands the need to be a competitive economy.

It wouldn't be about exploiting the young but enpowering them to determine their own futures.

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