Although the focus has been on pay and pensions annual leave in the NHS should not be overlooked.  

The current range is from 28-33 days (excl bank holidays).  this is far more than private sector organisations yet staff in the NHS do not necessarily work any harder than those in private or third sector organisations.  


The sick pay provision of 6 months full pay and six months half pay is also far too generous.  It should be brought in line with industry standards – with more permissible by manager's discretion.

Why is this idea important?

For most nurses and many doctors, every days leave must be replaced by a locum.  Across an organisation, an additional 8 days leave per person requiring cover can amount to a huge sum, particular given that the premium for agency staff is up to 60% on employed costs.


Reducing sick pay would encourage managers to intervene more aggressively to manage sickness; currently in the NHS managers will tend to wait until the sick pay has expired before properly addressing the absence.  It is also disturbing to note the proportion of people who "get better" at exactly the same time they drop onto half pay.

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