I propose that the NHS seriously consider introducing a minimum charge for all binge drinkers for non-urgent hospital A&E / casualty admissions and treatment as a direct result of their own selfish irresponsible ways. 

The charges are levied immediately on admission at reception BEFORE any treatment can be given. The flat rate should be £50.00. The millions raised in this way would then be ploughed straight back into NHS funds for valuable resources such as staff, ambulances, medicines, etc.  This may go some way towards making the stupid irresponsible idiots [who do not realise the sheer strain they are placing on our hospitals] fully accountable for their actions. And may work much better than any previous useless ideas put forward by the government such as forcing police to deal out 'on the spot' fines for drunkenness on the streets (marching them to a cashpoint  – what a rubbish feeble idea that is!).

Why is this idea important?

For too long now the government has used the issue of binge drinking as a political pawn on the chessboard, putting forward endless futile measures and legislations in their feeble attempts to 'crack down' (always 'cracking down' aren't they?) on this unstoppable cancer of drink-related anti-social behaviour and violence.  Imposing more taxes on alcohol simply do not work. This then discriminates against the large majority of responsible drinkers. Forcing supermarkets or off licences to stop selling special offers on multi-packs also ultimately has very little impact. 

If anybody has to be accountable at all for this malaise, it is the bars which all pander to the binge drinking culture with their two-for-one or happy hour (all you can drink for £10) offers. If legislation was passed making this illegal, along with hospital A&E charges for non-essential treatment (to pay for the ambulances and the rest), perhaps then we may finally see some solution to this never-ending self-perpetuating problem that has now become such a burden on the taxpayer that something really has to give.

Besides, by giving the NHS the power to levy these charges means that eventually things such as prescription costs can be lowered or abolished altogether (thus in keeping with Wales and Scotland), as most patients are very reluctant to now pay more than £7.50 per item – and will find it even more galling when a stupified binge-drinking moron gets their treatment scot free.

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