Call Outs


Right now the NHS local authorities employee drivers for NHS doctors for call outs. In Herefordshire they have 2 drivers with 2 very nice vehicles on standby all night and drivers are paid £10 per hour, and hardly ever receive a call out. The doctors get paid a stupid amount of money per hour for call outs, something i find disgusting because, as we all know, doctors do everything they can to avoid going out to see a patient anyway, in breach of they moral and ethical standards of which they signed up to be a doctor in the first place.


ANSWER: Make doctors drive themselves. Do NOT pay them bonuses for doing overnight work, a GP's job is easy enough as it is and pays well, they do not deserver more.

IT Equipment in local surgeries


In a family members doctor's surgery where they work, the IT equipment is being replaced every couple of months, new monitors and new complete computers when it is clearly not necessary.

ANSWER: Make doctors surgeries pay for their own equipment






Why is this idea important?

Because it saves us all money as it currently is an insult to all of us tax payers, it is the same as burning good money.


Thank you for listening

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