Stop the selling of all alcoholic drinks in all Supermarkets. This would then increase the sales in pubs and off licenses. The breweries sell the same drinks to supermarkets at lower prices than they sell them for to the pubs. Too many pubs are closing down on a daily basis because they cannot compete.

Also the same for petrol garages The Supermarkets offer '5p' off per litre when they have purchased £50.00 worth of goods inside the store. Local petrol stations cannot compete with these prices and many are closing down.

Why is this idea important?

Stopping the sale of alcohol / petrol at Supermarkets would increase sales within pubs / petrol stations and many livlihoods would be saved. It may reduce the under-age drinking as identity would have to be shown at the pubs or off licenses before any sale could be made. It is too easy for teenagers to get drink from Supermarkets as unfortunately many of the youngsters of today do not look their age and they are not asked for identification. There are too many young people causing trouble as they can't manage their drink. They are abusive and troublesome – many with threatening behavior.

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