This is a major annoyance of mine. remove the signs that say no ball games from public areas such as parks and other grassy areas. The same people that whinged about almost getting hit by a football etc are the same people that moan about the "youth of today."

I have long been aware that kids these days have nothing to do of an evening. Certainly nothing that is cheap or free.

If you don't want kids standing on street corners drinking then give them access to other things. Blocking off all areas from free sports such as football is stupid. To those that cry "whewn I was young we went bowling or to the cinema" should actually find out how much it costs these days to go to either of these. 1 film that lasts 90minutes (evening matines no longer exist) costs about £5 on average, that's £35 pounds a week, not the old 2 shilling. Bowling is even more expensive, a 10-20minute game costs £5. The simple truth is that comparatively it is far more expensive than it ever was. Alcohol is the cheapest form of entertainment for youth as it stands and those that moan have no-one to blame but themselves.

If you traverse an area where kids are playing football and you get hit by a ball think yourself lucky its not a bottle or firework rather than claiming assault by feral youths. let the kids of today enjoy the very freedoms you enjoyed rather than being total hypocrites.

Why is this idea important?

Helps stop obeseity, helps develop team work, does not marginalise youth from society, doesn't need a knife to play, benefits the local and national teams of all ball related sports. I'm sure some health and pschology experts could point to numerous benefits but of course there will the paté eating, bored middle classes that are worried that a ball may take of a patch of turtle wax off their new audi.

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