The UK appears to be the destination of many immigrants and refugees.  We obviously appear to have streets paved in gold.  The UK should make it clear that this is not a country of free hand out, thus converting the ‘grass is greener’ perception into ‘there is no grass’.  

Each of the following categories should be considered in the debate on British Citizenship.


  1. British Citizens: Those who are British Citizens and have the right to live and work and obtain benefits in UK
  2. Working Residents: Those who have the right to work and live in UK but should not be entitled to any UK provided benefits for at least five years after contributing to the UK tax and National Insurance funds.  Even then, they are not British Citizens and should be denied certain rights (eg housing provided by the state and state benefits as well as the right to vote). A Child of a Working Resident born in UK does not become a British Citizen as a right.
  3. Visitors: Those who have the right to be in UK on a short term visa (holiday makers, students, etc) but who should have no rights to any state benefit.
  4. Illegal Entrants:  Those who have no right to be in UK at all but are here illegally.  When discovered, they should be transferred back to their own Country immediately.


The discussion seems to be concentrated on getting as many people into potential ‘British Citizens’ status.  The emphasis should be on controlling those who are in UK as Working Residents and limiting their rights while resident in UK, setting very stringent rules and controls on permitting people to move from Working Residents to British Citizen. This should be an extreme privilege.


The discussion should be on the privileges that are given/not given to those living here under Working Residents and what happens if the person breaks the basic conditions of the privilege of being permitted to work and live in UK (eg enforced departure for anyone committing a criminal act).  The privileges for Working Residents should be extremely limited.  They should not be entitled to State aid of any form (eg housing, benefit, out-of-work benefit and free health treatment).  They should not have the Right to Vote.  No immigrant should be permitted to stay if he commits a criminal act while in the UK and this should take priority over an Individuals Human Rights or Appeal Courts.  Society should have more Rights than the individual.

Immigrants should only be admitted if we have a need for their skills or admitted as a student – I appreciate EU citizens may need different rules if UK takes no action to cancel existing EU rules.


This is not going to be an easy task but it should be possible to manage if, say, National Insurance Numbers are allocated so that Working Residents can be sorted from British Citizens.

Why is this idea important?

This is a change to the basic processing for immigrants and should cut the requests for immigrants to want to reside in the UK.

This change would decrease the amount of benefit paid by UK to those who have not contributed to UK government income.

If UK is strong enough in a political sense, it would back track on the rights given away by a Sovereign Nation to the EU and permit UK to become again a member of a group of Nations working together (the original concept and purpose of the EU) rather than becoming a minor state in a Federation of States which is the current status of the EU.

Most British Citizens want to be governed by our own Sovereign Parliament, to set our own budget and taxes and to have UK citizens governed by UK Law.  We do not want our rights in all these topics to be rubber stamped away so that the EU president takes precedence over the Queen, EU politicians make our own politicians redundant and to have our Law Appeals  heard by our Appeal Judges acting on behalf of our Queen..

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