Any talk of civil liberties is hollow until we can trust our politicians.  Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg are saying the right words, but one would expect that from individuals whose only work experience is in PR, journalism and the European bureaucracy.  Their ability to back their rhetoric however may be failing already.  Small example – no bigger than a man's hand? – I wrote to Theresa  May asking certain questions.  It took a reminder to get a reply and this was over five weeks late – not good.  The answer was from a civil servant, which is fair enough, but it answered a question I had not asked and did not even attempt to address any of those that I had.  It's a standard politician/civil servant ploy – fob the enquirer off by wandering into irrelevancies until he gives up.  It's also treating people like idiots and until this grotesque practice ends, until ministers find the courage to deal sensibly and openly with enquirers, there will no chance of trust in parliament being restored and without that, all else will fail. 

Why is this idea important?

If MPs and ministers will not engage in proper, problem-solving debate with voters who take the time to contact them, their behaviour is ill-mannered and arrogant and prompts the question 'what use are you?'

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