Im 30 years old, and have paid my taxes and national insurance since the age of 16.

I have worked in the emergency services for almost ten years risking my life and doing what is ever asked of me, with out notice and without complaint.

My problem at the momemt is affecting my life in every aspect.

I made the mistake of having a sexual encounter with a woman for a matter of minutes, and i was told she fell pegnant. When this woman told me she missed a period, I explained to her that i didnt want the baby under any circumstances.and this was explained to her several times with my reasons.

I have now been contacted by the CSA who say i have to pay 20%of my earning for the next 20 years to this lady.

This will affect me massively, as i cant get a morgage, loans and car credit etc because i couldnt asfford it.

Im depressed, feeling suicidal, and cant get legal help because of the cost or the fact ive got a job.

The wamon involved is sending me message via facebook, mocking me, and saying im the unluciest sperm doner ever.

I also have further proof from messages she as sent me confirming that this was just a 5minute espisode that WILL ruin my life.

When i contacted the CSA i was told that it was "TOUGH!!" and it law that i must pay.

Ive never asked for anything in my life from the goverment, yet i dont have any rights, no opinion on this matter, and if i was a criminal,which ive never been i would get treated better with human rights.

For the next 20 years in my career i am expected to risk my life for others i do not know, or any further promotions i go for to greater my career i have to give a woman 20% of my hard work to something i have no control over or a voice to say i didnt want it!


in todays world how can that be right, i didnt want the child, the lady knew that yet im being punished it just not far!

To get my justice i have been told i would have to leave the country that i was born in that im proud to serve, the community i help and want nothing in return and i country that i have contributed all my life with national insurances and taxes.

I have

Why is this idea important?

My idea ius very important to me and proberbly many others.

I would like to be heard and to have a choice, to be told its"TOUGH" just isnt good enough.

my life is in turmoil, i cant afford to pay my morgage all because a woman wanted a baby!

The woman knew i didnt want it and have proof, why as 5 minutes which was a massive mistake costing me my life!

the lady is mocking me through friends, the internet saying how expensive the sperm doner is!

Can you explain to me

>Ive got no voice

>no human rights

>No opinion

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