That interception of a private individuals, ,postal mail, mobile phone and landline calls, e:mail and any other form of electronic communication, by any government organisation, security service or the police with out an individual court order for every occurence.

Why is this idea important?

We are a free country. Every law abiding citizen in this country should have the right to communicate with whomsoever they should wish, without their communications being intercepted or read by a third party. The only exception should be if there is just cause for such an interception and that evidence for each such interception has been examined by a court of law and that the interception is found to be justified on grounds of national interest and approved by the court before such interception takes place.  Records of each judgment should be kept by the court concerned along with the evidence presented and be made available to the defence if evidence derived from the interception leads to the prosecution of an individual.

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