People not working but unable to claim benefits should not be fined nor jailed for failing to pay council tax if they have no weekly living wage coming in and are soley surviving on savings of £40.000 and less and running their own home. Thier cases should be individually assessed. many of these people are not working due to illness/disability/ or as carers but cannot claim benefits due to their savings, thus throwing them into stress, panic, and poverty – they cannot access any help and are off the radar as a disabled person, vulnerable adult or carer.

surely your ability to pay should be based of wage and not on savings under a certain amount if that amount is an inheritance and the person lives in their own home and has a morgauge or other over heads

Why is this idea important?

it addresses individual circumtances and need and prevents people becoming part of the criminal system and imprisoned for a minor offence created by the state when their circumstances don't fit any tick boxes

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