Introduce vehicles where no driving licence is required to run them.

Across Europe several categories of speed limited micro cars and small sizedengine scooters are driven by people without a licence. These vehicles allow access to th roads for the young, the elderly and those who only want motors for very short distance driving. They are limited to 45kmph (just under 30mph) and usually have weight and power limits.


This would take young people out of high speed deathtraps which they can use immediately they pass the test and also tends to push up the age at which young people take their driving test.


It would also introduce an incentive for people to drive eco friendly low power cars around town. and it would create a new economic market in the uk for sale service and repair of these vehicles. One scheme in france rents low power scooters to the young for only 20 euros a month to allow them to easily and cheaply get to college/work.


We should have no licence motoring in this country to give us someof the freedoms of the EU that would offset all the additional regulation brought in.

Why is this idea important?

This idea starts us down the road of lessoverarching regulation and gives the young and the poor cheap access to low cost transport.

4 Replies to “No Licence Vehicles”

  1. Why does it say no licence then say drive immediatly when they pass there test surely if a licence is given when u pass a test
    u may as well have a proper car these low power cars barely go faster than a cyclist and are safer so no test should be required.

  2. Why are we always the last country to implement common sence laws?? You still need a motor bike licence to drive a micro car in the UK …. and yet a microcar is way safer than a motor bike or a normal bike. But the rest of Europe 14 year olds can drive them with no licence at all…. this country sucks.

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