MPs should not be allowed to change party midterm without having to face another election within a short period of time. It should not be possible for an MP to switch from say Labour to Conservative whip without having to win local election on the new arrangement first. This seems to happen a couple of time in each four year parliament and is an afront to democracy. 

Whilst purists will argue that you elect the MP, and they are free to choose their party, and the party is free to choose the Prime minister. The reality is few know or care who the MP actually is, they vote for their party of choice and who they want to be Prime Minister, not the person themselves.

Why is this idea important?

This is a huge democratic deficit, if people can't choose the Prime Minister that governs then they must be able to choose the party that governs; it is a misrepresentation of wish to assume an MP can change the party in power just by jumping ship whenever they feel like it.

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