Countless times I have come across ridiculous complaints about individuals, being investigated seriously by our Council. 

Defending yourself or your business is costly, both financialy and in terms of your time. Not to mention the cost to the Council and taxpayers in turn.

These complaints can range from the colour of someone's house, to the size of a gap in their fence.  We once had a council official come to our property to investigate a complaint about pollution. After half a day he concluded the complaint was about a cow pat in a cow field that was within 2 metres of a footpath.

A friend of mine also has an ASBO because of how an A3 sized sign for his shop was placed.

I propose that, where a member of the public is disgruntled enough to complain about someone else, they should be made to put their name to it. I would certainly be prepared to and I'm sure other reasonable people would too.

The right to anonymity in these matters has lead to petty, pointless nit-picking at other people by those with nothing better to do, validated by the council and safe in the knowlege that they themselves will not lose a penny or a wink of sleep over it. This is because its not actually any of their business and they will not have any responsibility in proceedings, financially or otherwise.

I also believe that, where someone has spent money to defend themselves, the Council should not be allowed to 'drop' the case if the complaint is unfounded.  The defendant must be awarded positively for spending time and money proving themselves right, so they are not at further risk in the future.

Why is this idea important?

I believe this idea will significantly reduce the number of petty complaints and arguments within local communities.

It promotes open-ness between neighbours and calls for individuals to consider how important a matter actually is in the great scheme of things, before letting a 'bad mood' or boredom cause hours or weeks of work for someone else.

This will lead directly to reduced costs for councils.

People will still have the right to voice their concerns if they have a genuine, negative effect to individuals or the area and need dealing with.

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