Why is it that if one has not paid any NI contributions for the past two years but had done so for the previous 38 years then you are not entitled to jobseekers allowance?  This is blatantly unfair when considering immigrants are automatically entitled to support straight off the boat without contributing a penny in the UK.  How many UK citizens realise this is the case?  Where is our political support in this case?   Nowhere I'm afraid,  there is NO built up NI fund, what comes in goes straight out, so previous decades of NI payments help everone else except you when you need it. You will of course build up state pension entitlement but thats it. This is undemocratic and must be overturned by the new coalition government ASAP!


Why is this idea important?

Why should anybody in the UK contribute to NI when it is not used to support you in your hour of need? NB. Its mandatory if you are working in UK and earn above a minimal limit in order to gain a state pension. Previous years of NI payments count for nothing if you have a prior two year gap. That is unjust.



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