we feel they are no use to any one give them the go by whats the point they are fruit machines for the police if you are a thinking driver the slower you go the less fuel you use i have slowed down a lot and i have to say i fill up less than ever what we think is you should reward the good driver and the bad driver should be taken off the road for 5 years give them time to think we feel there are to many people who see our roads as a race track i feel if you have schools keep the cctv by them but on open roads i cant see the deal so keep them by schools and get rid of them else where we are all so fed up of traffic lights they seem to be everywhere get rid of unwanted traffic lights after all we want the earth to be here not gone sooner we feel they are bad for the environment to much light at night we all so feel lamp post should be turned off at midinght to much money spend on street furniture we simple dont need it we feel its time to be british we want to help out so you as a government should wise up all so get more money saved on pointless bin men thet could empty wheelie bins once evey 4 weeks this can save money  all so but speed cameras are no good and our out of date

Why is this idea important?

we feel its time for a new beginning if you ask us we have lots of ideas but we would be on  here till i was 65 but we feel there is so much money spend on rubbish who needs speed traps we dont want them cut back on all lamp posts we dont need get rip of traffic lights that dont do any kind of a job turn them off at midnight on dead roads save energy dont let lamp posts burn away all night when most of us our in bed this serves no point think of the cost and all that waste we feel its got to change in our street at 11pm you see no one so turn them off after all its the summer time and its lighter at night anyway best to all derek/julie

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