until all such entities adhere to the westminster system and all checks and balances are in place. without a bicameral system in place a republic is a distinct possibility and all that that implies i.e. dictatorship, loss of liberty, freedom of speech, indoctrination etc.

suggest all those entities which do not adhere are subjected to trade embargos or some similar sanction. the rule of law is essential for a truly democratic system and the right of an individual to a fair trial, and to be able to appeal to a higher authority against a sentence length. deprivation of liberty in prison is punnishment enough. humiliation, torture are not the hallmarks of a civilised society which should have detention facilities with the minimal facilities in place.

Why is this idea important?

to stamp out wrongful imprisonment, sectioning under mental health or other discriminatory grounds. australia is  not a civilised country in this respect.

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