Scrap the law which permits for schools to take parents' religion or church attendance record into account as a valid admissions criteria.  

Why is this idea important?

4 year old children are not responsible for the sins of their parents.  Parents are faking religion to get their children into schools, and are being coerced unwillingly into giving money to churches or into giving up time to support church activities: this has all the hallmarks of a protection racket.  See for example a recent discussion on Richard Dawkins’ website – one of many.

In an ideal world churches would – one assumes – voluntarily refrain from behaviour such as this.  It is, quite simply, immoral.  Since they seem to be incapable of so refraining, legislation is required.

Nobody, in Britain in 2010, should be required to go down on bended knee to obtain an education for their child paid for out of their own taxes.

The Accord Coalition, formed by leading churchmen from numerous religions, also campaigns for an end to selection (and also recruitment of school staff) on the basis of religion.

I propose no change for any private school which in no way relies on state funding.

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