It is totally outrageous that after the Coalition government promising to give anonymity to (almost entirely MALE) ALLAGED male rapists it has now CAVED IN TO PRESSURE from FEMINIST EXTREMISTS.

According to the BBC News – the grounds for this u-turn have been "Labour and women Tory MPs said it could send a negative signal about women who accuse men of rape."

Could you tell us please what kind of "signal" gets sent about MEN WHO GET FALSELY ACCUSED OF RAPE?

Pretty negative I'd say.

And just WHO is running this country? Labour feminist MPs? Feminist women who have sneaked into seats in the Conservative party now that there's little point them infiltrating the Labour party any more AS THEY DID, I watched it happen since the 70s, as there's no POWER in it for them.

So the partly Liberal Coalition gets elected, but it still does what it is told by a bunch of shrieking feminist activists, who endlessly criticise it simply because there aren't enough (in THEIR opinion) women in the cabinet???  What an IMPOTENT excercise of "power" by the Coalition, first making a decision which was a FAIR, JUST ONE, properly acknowledging the EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS of men and then caving in at the first sign of protests from shrieking, deeply unjust, feminist women.

It's THESE kind of people, largely a feminist government we've been living under in the Blair era, with their hypocrisy, more interested in their job titles, their salaries and perks, and their reflections in the mirror, and fiddling their expenses, who have got us in this mess in the first place – our disrespectful, crime ridden, badly behaved, debt ridden, teenage pregnant,m dryg addcuted, unsafe to walk the streets, etc, society  -, and now they have not been ELECTED as a government ,  they are simply INTIMIDATING/BULLYING to get what they want by shrieking propaganda at the government who have!

And of course, the great irony is that ACCUSERS (almost entirely women), THEY get anonymity, but the men ACCUSED don't!


i.e. a man can be FALSELY accused on any petty, malevolent whim of a woman who is upset with him, and HE gets publicly shamed, made a leper in  his community and maybe even subject to attack from gangs of yobs who are always looking for an excuse to attack some innocent person, while SHE hides laughing in the shadows, as he gets tortured and publicly ridiculed, and maybe never trusted again by other women in the community where he lives, even if found totally innocent of the crime.

So a case was given to justify this shrieking protest from the feminists, of a taxi driver who raped 80 women (so THEY tell us, I wasn't there), and until his name was published, all the other women who had been raped didn't come forward.

Yes – well, what a TOTALLY ERRONEOUS ARGUMENT. Once the guy had been CONVICTED his name would have been published ANYWAY. So THEN they would have had their opportunity to come forward.

And in any case, this is no grounds to lift anonymity from accused men, because what the government should be seeking to do is to PREVENT RAPE rather than all the emphasis being on CONVICTING RAPISTS.

Because these feminists are apparently too stupid to realise that once a woman has actually been raped (if it REALLY happend that is, and it's not just a malevolent false accusation) it's actually TOO LATE.

Sure, if he is caught and convicted, it will (for a time) prevent him raping other women, but that won't ever make it right for the woman who has been raped ALREADY.

So let's take the example of this taxi driver rapist. Firstly, women have to start taking FAR MORE RESPONSIBLITY for their own actions. If a drunken woman is going home from a nightclub or party and  she goes home ALONE in a taxi or even car driven by ANY man she is not "asking for it", but she is TAKING AN UNACCEPTABLE RISK.

Men in general are not saints, as no more so are women, and x percent of men will feel tempted when a woman's defences are down like that, knowing that due to drink she might not even REMEMBER who he is.

So the solution to preventing women being raped, is not to keep printing the names and pictures in Newspapers or showing on TV men who just MIGHT have done a rape, but it's not proven, but to educate women to take more responsibility for their own actions, and also put in place practical steps like WOMEN ONLY TAXI SERVICES with women only drivers.

Or you know, why don't we give the feminists what they REALLY want? Which is to basically have every man wear a warning sign on him wherever he goes, hanging around his neck, that says RAPIST UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, and there should be a big database of EVERY  male over 10  giving  his name and address, and a photo of him, and if a woman doesn't like a particular man, all she has to do is email in (ANONYMOUSLY OF COURSE) a rape accusation, and then minutes later, the police will be kicking in his door, and hauling him off for interrogation, assuming him guilty until proven iinnocent.

I assure all the men and sane non-feminist women, that if the feminsits had their way, the above scenario would be pretty much a reality, and I am not joking.

Because think about it logically, and it's easy to see such a publicly accessible database of men that women could search through, would surely make it much easier to find any man they believe has raped them, so surely if it would prevent ONE SINGLE WOMAN getting raped, that justifies it being done?

No, IT DOES NOT.  That's ALWAYS the excuse.

e.g. why not take EVERYBODY'S DNA at birth? Surely that would make ALL criminals easier to catch?

Why? Because we've got HUMAN RIGHTS, the rigbht to lvie in freedom unless it's PROVEN we are some kind of threat to society.

The feminsts are interesting only in  WOMEN'S RIGHTS, not MEN'S RIGHTS, and not only that, they are shrieking endlessly about women's RIGHTS, but what they DON'T talk about, is women's RESPONSIBILITIES. E.G. to take care of their children properly, or be fair to men, or to not act stupidly getting drunk and going home in a man's car alone or going back to the flat/home of a man they hardly know, and expecting there to be no risk in such an unwise course of action.

And I'm appalled that so many men are so mute and meek on this subject, because they foolishly imagine  a false couldn't happen to THEM.

(well yes, just hide in your home, never go out, never be anywhere near the company of women, never answer the door to a woman caller (let alone let her in – NUCLEAR ALERT!) don't go anywhere near your daughter, sister, mothers, grandmothers, aunt, girl cousin, sister in law,  a mixed sex work place, bar, public park, cinema, concert, theatre, shopping centre, or place of worship, and you just MIGHT be in with a chance that you'll NEVER be accused of rape/sexual aasault).

Whereas the fact is, that women are routinely accusing men of all kinds of things, and using the police against men, just to get their own way, or to "punish" a man who displeases them in some way, make his life a misery, it's not only rape accusations.

It could be because IN HER OPINION he is disciplining a misbehaving child in a way SHE doesn't agree with, and because she uses the law to stop him controlling the child, we end up with a society of out of control children, who become vandals, hooligans, violent thugs, gang members, and yes, even RAPISTS, because she used the feminist controlled law against a man who was trying to keep a child in hand, teach it to have RESPECT for other human beings.

So few men are really THINKING what a serious issue this is: it's not just about rape, it's a whole flotilla of infringinments and inequalities against men's rights, and this is just the most obvious example.

One more REAL LIFE example of someone I know, what happened to him recently to illustrate the point. He allowed a woman to share his flat, the relationship failed and he told her to leave. She then reported him to the police, accused him of kidnapping and raping her and the police came to take him away. He was saved ONLY by the fact there were messages from her on his mobile phone which showed they obviously had an ongoing CONSENSUAL relationship.

So without that slender but VITAL evidence, only available incidentaly since the mobile phone era, he would likely have been imprisoned until trial, and possibly even sentenced to many years as a convicted rapist and kidnapper, and his life would have been over, all on HER MALEVOLENT WHIM and FALSE ACCUSATION.

And all the while SHE would have (and as far as I know, still IS) remained TOTALLY ANONYMOUS and able to do exactly the same to any number of future male victims.

As is usual, with the feminists, we only ever here ONE HALF of the story, only about men's crimes (alleged) against women, but NEVER about  women's  numerous crimes against men in all kinds of ways, false accusations to police, social workers and other authorities being a very favourite one at the present.

That this Coalition is continuing the DISCRIMINATION AGAINST 50 PERCENT OF THE POPULATION (Ii.e MEN) started mainly by the New Labour Feminists, is a totally appalling injustice, and failure of them to uphold CIVIL LIBERTIES as they have promised, the very thing this website is supposed to be about.


Why is this idea important?

We can't have a FAIR AND JUST SOCIETY that demonises 50 percent of the population, puts them into the status of GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, and puts them open to VIGILANTE AND YOB ATTACK, when numerous women are now known to make false accusations against men in a whole variety of ways, the most dramatic of which is of course RAPE.

Mr Cameron has talked of FREEDOM, but also of RESPONSIBLITIES.

Despite so called "equality" we seem to have a situation in which the freedom of one gender, I.E. WOMEN, is becoming more and more guaranteed, whilst the duty on them to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS is falling lower and lower, whilst the other gender, i.e. MEN, are having more and more of their freedoms taken away from them, but are expected to be TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for all their actions.

ANYTHING bad that happens in this society, MEN are always to blame, NEVER WOMEN – even when a woman murders a man, the woman is given the benefit of the doubt, that the man "must have been asking for it", must have "done somethign to deserve it", even though there are well documented cases of women IN THE UK  for example poisoning their husband with weedkiller to get the insurance money.(the man concerned, survived, but ended up as a vegetative, unable to function normally ever again, and the woman concerned got a mere few years in prison for attempted murder – it should have been LIFE).

We simply can't have a just and fair and caring society while one gender is being demonised and discriminated against, while the other literally gets away with murder on numerous occasions (.e.g one nurse a couple of years back DELIBERATELY gave a man a lethal injection but was excused from prison merely because she was PREGNANT!), and such cases as RAOUL MOAT and many others are the consequence that too many men no longer feel society cares about them (Moat was continually threated with separation or separated from his children by SOCIAL WORKERS) and only WOMEN are given proper human rights.

Even footballers or other male celebrities are routinely accused  of sexual assault or rape – usually because the malevolent false accusees are seeking publicity, money as settlement out of court, or to tell their story to the papers – but in the case of celebrs/footballers they usually have EXPENSIVE LAWYERS to make sure they don't get trapped/convicted,  which the common man doesn't, which is just another inequality against men who are not wealthy, famous or rich.

We've got to stop as a society buying this total feminist myth that women are any better behaved than men – they are equally capable of deceit, crime, injustice, irresponsiblity, fraud and bad behaviour, as any study of the weekly or daily news or court reports will show, and so there is no reason to accord them any special privileges IN LAW men don't have as is currently being done, though I am all for the duty of men to protect women from danger in the ordinary course of events of daily life.

So in my view, it's a total joke that this government pretends ANY serious commitment to civil liberties, if they are NOT WILLING TO GIVE MEN EQUAL RIGHTS TO WOMEN, which is clearly proven here, and it is an even sadder spectacle to see that this "white male leadership" is ready to cave in at the merest shout from the femnist activitsts who have been ruling this country effectively since the start of the New Labour era, and more and more repressing men, and in particular WORKING CLASS/MIDDLE CLASS WHITE MEN.

A government cannot simple cave in to the demands of the shrieking of public opinion, feminist based or otherwise.

It has to rise above ALL party interests and give JUSTICE TO ALL, which requires FIRMNESS, FAIRNESS AND BALANCE, which this government appears to be sadly failing in this instance, despite it's initial right stance to give EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS to men.


  1. One way of dealing with this is to hand out a prison sentence to those (female or male) who falsely accuse someone of rape that equals the sentence the falsely accused may have received.

    Of course a victim of rape should be protected but so should someone wrongly accused of rape.

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