I would like to see responsibility for dealing with noisy neighbours be transferred from the local authority to the police as the current arrangements are inadequate.

Some people are very noisy just because they are thoughtless or self absorbed but in some case it amounts to harassment and anti social behaviour.

What happens in my past experience is that a local authority may employ one or two noise officers for the entire borough. They do not work on bank holidays (when people have noisy parties). If you ring the council at say 2am because you cannot get to sleep, a message taker takes your details. Sometimes an council officer will only come out if other people have also complained. If and when an officer becomes free (which may not the case) they ring you and ask if the noise is still going on. This may be about 5am when the noise has stopped and you have finally got off to sleep. If there is still noise they then you wait while they travel to your home and come inside with noise measurement instruments. If the noise reaches a certain level of decibels the officer visit’s the noise maker’s address and asks the perpetrators to be more considerate. If they continue to be noisy on that or on other occasions, there is the threat that their equipment can be confiscated. Either way you miss a night’s sleep!

Other, civil aspects of noise, such as from building, road works and businesses could still be dealt with by the council.

Why is this idea important?

The is a drive towards neighbourhood focussed policing.  My local police are keen to engage with residents in their ward, which can only be a good thing. 

If people could call on their relatively prompt and reliable intervention when there is trouble from neighbours this would be most welcome.  

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