All Sharia Laws should be scrapped ! We should send a clear an precise message that our laws are based on human rights and Judea / Christian values. We cannot have a two tier law system. Even laws that have simular values with Sharia should never be classed as as such. We are a country that allows freedom of religion but we do not accept Sharia to be equal or to be used in any way. If you want to live in the UK you become British, you learn the language and respect our laws and traditions.

For example if you wish to have halal food then you seek it and pay for it, you DO NOT insist its part of common food for all in the UK.

We do not need a council or Muslim parliment for the UK, we do not need an advisory council for the police or any other state department for the muslim community. Sharia Law is not acceptable in the Law of the Land and it is not needed. 

Why is this idea important?

Disband and ignore all muslim councils and advisory departments, be respectful to there belief and allow there belief in private, but never never never allow it to creep into to the UK stationary books. We respectfully inform them that the law of the land is enough and we do not allow seperation or discrimination.

This is the thin end of the wedge used in Lebanon, Sryria , Turkey , Ehtiopia, France. and unless this diversity and blatant attempts to muddle the waters we will have the same problems. Be clear and precise, respect the faith but it has no part of UK law!

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