There was a fundemental 'shift' in the courts whereby any 'MOTORIST' who pleaded NOT GUILTY, and was found by the courts to be 'NOT GUILTY'  would have to pay the Court costs, INCLUDING the Police costs.

Not so, with alledged Murderers, Rapists, and Drug Dealers etc., just Motorists.

This Discriminatory change in the Law should be repealled !

If not, then WHY NOT ?

WHY only Motorists ?

Is this a method of putting pressure on the Motorist, so that they woill plead 'Guilty' … Pay the £60., or whatever because they cannot afford any 'NOT GUILTY' Court Costs ?

This is NOT Justice, but Financial Blackmail, and should be repealled IMMEDIATELY !

Why is this idea important?

This 'NOT GUILTY' Court Cost Scam, is as I have stated, an attempt to get Motorists to 'Pay Up and Look Happy', and it is NOT Justice !

Either this practice is applied to EVERYBODY brought before the Courts, or not at all, Muderers, Rapists, and Drug Dealer to name but a few  !

The Law of this Country is supposed to be Blind and NOT Discriminate against one section or another.

If I am wrong then issue a PUBLIC EXPLANATION in the newspapers and on TV, about it !

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