Why  is it so hard?  You need a body to, in some cases, physically pull bad staff off of their victims.  The problem is that if a shrink makes a false allegation the compalints process is long and extremely unreliable.  And being treated for the wrong illness is extremely painful.

Obviously if the pain and stress stay on you will not recover, and that is the problem really.  That benefits bill is huge, and a lot of it will be bad medicine.  It's all fine and dandy saying 'that was ages ago', but what if they had got better and returned to work ages ago?

Cheaper, more humane, and luverley.


Instead we have a true nightmare, with many service users living an utter hell.  Myself included.  i am delusional, and should be ignored at all times apparently.  It's never been safe to do that.  And this shrink and her rolling on of bad work, reliably backed up by people who flat refused to check the facts and the quality of her work,  is part of the problem.

Since when were Shrinks bullet-proof?  Indeed.


The problem is they flat refuse to also uphold the Disablity Discrimnation Act around here as well.  If you are mentally ill and male you have no rights at all.  Especially if a female staff member complains.  You're guilty on accusation at that point.

Fix it.


This does lead into how you will need a Federal Style Police Force, as local cannot be blindly trusted.  My problems are local only, it's that bad.  I feel like I'm being held hostage, as people just won't check teh evidence.

Why is this idea important?

Sexism is illegal, and I am innocent until proven guilty last I heard.  And here in lies the problem.


In Croydon Sexism is fine, and I am guilty until proven innocent. And the agenda they have followed is the same allegations made by The Girl Gang that injured me so badly I ended up needing psychiatric help.  This Girl Gang were backed up by The Hells Angels of all people.

I trusted the dr's, and told them what happened, and a series of false allegations were made against me.  In secret as well.  And I was locked into this 'he's delusional, ignore him' cage.  I'm also confident there will be others.

In my experience it's admins sabotaging files, and women making false allegations.  Most of my abusers have been women.  Reliably as well.  And when I get upset at the pain I'm in, and accidentally swear, in goes another false allegation to stop my complaints.


I have no legal rights due to 'local'.  None.  Which is obviously unlawful.  And with this rampant sexism going on as well, and a complaints system that simply does not exist…  See the problem now?  My rights are being utterly ingnored as I am mentally ill and male.

Hence teh need for a Federal style Police Force to pull these animals off of me.  The local Police have reliably ignored me for years.  And I definitely will not be the only one.

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