Just by not telling somone that "they will be reported for the question to be concidered of……" has led to dangerous drivers being alowed to keep on driving and the police and courts wasting time and money, lots of money. If somone is charged at a police station with a driving offence,  then it should be obvious that the standard of their driving was going to be 'concidered'. If they get a ticket on the road, again it should be obvious that the police will investigate the offence.

Why is this idea important?

It will cut out some paperwork, not only do we have to give the 'verbal NIP' and document that but there is  a force poliey that means a written NIP has to be sent out ot the driver, recorded post. And if a job, where an NIP was not given gets past the Evidence Review Officer, Criminal Justice Unit, the Crown Prosecutor, the file builder in the CJU, and is only noticed on the day of the trial at Crown Court by the Prosecution, then a great deal to money and time has been wasted.

No NIP, save time and money.

No one has ever given a satisfactory answer as to why it's needed anyway. 

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