at 16 years of age i became a cadet nurse 60 years ago now, working in almost all different depts medical records, almoners office, clinics -booking appointments , booking ambulances ,diet kitchen,laundry/sewing room,theory was you went on at 18 to train as srn i loved what i was doing and yes 16 year olds are responsible enough to do this but unfortunately nursing wasnt for me but its a really good way of employing 16-18 year olds. having been an inpatient for 2 weeks 6 years ago i could see how usefully this could be adapted i.e helping to feed elderly people giving them drinks maybe just walking around and speaking to people who are elderly and maybe dont have any visitors, this could even be adapted for people in my age group.

Why is this idea important?

helps youngsters realise responsibility and teaches them social skills.also lets them earn some money,and feel valued.

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