People of a certain age (roughly 70 in my opinion) should have to retake their driving test to prove that they are still competant at driving

I feel the at least one of the retakes should not have to be paid for by the person.

If they cannot pass the test, revoke their drivers licence


(Also anyone deemed incompetant – at whatever age – should have to take their test again)

Why is this idea important?

From personal experience I have noticed elderly people tend to make more mistakes whilst driving. Signs and speed limits are also often ignored. I feel many people over this age would struggle to pass the legal requirement for driving on public roads were they to retake it. Giving them a new driving test would keep drivers more alert and aware of anything they had previously forgotten about road safety. This, and the fact that dangerous drivers would be taken off the road, would help improve safety on and around roads.

I welcome any and all constructive criticisms you might have, thanks

2 Replies to “OAP’s to retake Driving Test.”

  1. That’s a too sweeping idea. Fact: the majority of road accidents are caused by men between 18 and 26. Shouldn’t this group have to take a driving test after an injury causing accident? This would have a far greater effect than your suggestion. You are right to say that some older drivers are poor, but older drivers do far lower mileages than others.

  2. Sept. 2015. Whilst it is understood that the capacity to drive is compromised due to old age there are no stats that show that they are more dangerous. That said at this time the powers that be are looking at a possible assessment as if one had been ill and not driving for a period of time until well again.

    This assessment may be paid for by the individual or be part of a special scheme.. It would last 2 hours and the driver be assessed as to his or her ability. The assessed if ok will be allowed to continue until a re assessment later in the future. Some may be advised to take a few lessons on points that are a bit weak and some advised to stop driving and or undertake a full course to make them safer for the road and others upon it.

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