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Why is this idea important?

The Uk is an ethnically diverse society, and yet apart from owning a passport giving citizenship there is nothing else unifying the people of the UK.


The States and other nations have an Oath of Allegiance that all school kids recite daily before the school day starts anf have various other occasions where they get up and recite it.

It may seem like nothing more than pompous flag waving , however its an act of citizenship, make it to the nation, not the Queen or government but to the nation, that can be carreid out by all regardless as to ethnicity.

The yanks regardless of whether there black, hispanic, Native, muslim, jew, etc, from the ones I have worked with, are unanimously American first, minority group second, there united as a nation, this does not mean that there are not fricctions, prejudices etc amonst them, but all the one I have worked with, over a 10 year period are overwhelmingly American first.

Our sense on national unity has been givien a severe battering under Labour, as they have tried to replace UK pride with the EU, well from also working on the continent, the other European nations have most certainly not crushed there national pride, so why should we have ours crushed.

Bring in an oath and promote UK unity, or measures that will have similar effect, there used to be atime when it was a great thing to be British.

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