I am British yet unable to obtain a British Passport. I must provide proof of being British with my fathers I.D. only. My fathers Birth was never registered (and this is the case for many children born in 1931). I was born in Cyprus when my dad was in the British Army and I do not possess a "Full Consulate" Birth Certificate, which would've stated that I was a Brit normally resident in the UK, my parents would've had to pay for this document at the time. They came back to this country when I was 14 months of age and lived in Aldershot until my dad left the army in 1965. They subsequently had another 5 children all born in Britain who all, except my sister who died, possess valid British passports and my dads name is on all of them.

I am able to supply their Marriage Certificate (British) and my mothers Birth Certificate (British) but, apparently, these aren't good enough! Isn't this sexist to say the least?

Why is this idea important?

This is about common sense! Surely a Brit. born abroad whilst her father is in the service of the British Army should be entitled to a British Passport? Did the last Government think that I suddenly developed the ability to crawl to the sea and swim all the way to the UK at 14 months of age? How would they explain the existence of 4 siblings with the same details on their Birth Certificates (except for location) as my own? My mother is also British, why isn't that good enough?

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