OFCOM makes decisions that are commercially ludicrous and it's power in the area of charges made by monopoly suppliers BT/Openreach, Virgin etc need to be curtailed such that re-sellers can hope to have some possibility of making a profit in the telecoms industry.

For example there is currently a charge made by BT of around £25 for disconnecting a broadband, user If a user moves and wants their broadband moving to a new line fees in excess of £70 are levied (Somehow BT can manage to transfer their phone line and number for no/very little cost)

A business reselling the service is supposed to pass these charges to the end user…., lets get real who has ever heard of a charge for discontinuing a service?, "excuse me Tesco, I won't be using your Stores again", "that's fine sir just pay a £25 fee"

The whole idea of charging someone to stop using a service is a nonsense, unenforceable(Except on the re-seller who needs to continue purchasing from the supplier) and any Regulator who lives in the real world would recognise this.

OFCOM needs major reform and small business awareness injecting into them

Why is this idea important?

We need to allow small businesses to be able to flourish in the Telecoms and technology areas if we are to create the enterprise and job growth we require as an economy, not allow dinosaur Regulators to force them out of business 

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