Ofcom have no problem with real sex as long as it’s for art sake or for educational reasons. I have seen medical programs and art that is very graphic. The reason that this is permitted for transmission is because it’s not for titillation value. Do they think that the young children they are trying to protect understand that these images are educational? That the camera showing sexual intercourse to see how it works is educational? There is no way that a child understands these things.  And then they have at the same time stopped people from viewing anything of a strong sexual nature on TV channels that were designed for this purpose.   These channels are pin protected unlike the art and education channel that are showing far stronger material.

So let’s see what Ofcom have managed to do:

Provide very hard nudity and sexual content to almost all in the name of art. Show any and almost every act of sex on TV to all in the name of education. And prevent anyone who would like to view sex for sex sake from viewing it. The standards they have set are just wrong.

Why is this idea important?

I have no problem with the protection of the young in a balanced way, but would also like some freedom for adult to view what they see fit.

Any attempt to talk to Ofcom about this is met with the response “we don’t expect you to agree with us but” This basically means the few have made the choice for the many.


Another bit of legislation that needs to be sorted out.  Thank goodness for the new coalition.

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