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The rules around the installation of fibre optic cabling to businesses and households where BT Openreach acts as a sub-contractor to most of the other telecommucations operators, requires that a separate physical fibre optic cable is installed by BT for each third party operator. Where a business buys it's voice services from one supplier and internet broadband from another, this results in the business having to pay for the installation of two cables; as fibre optic cables have multiple pairs of cores, if the regulations permitted, the multiple cores in the first cable could be provisioned by BT Openreach to all of the telcos, only requiring a new cable when the capacity of the first cable has been used up.

Why is this idea important?

Although implemented for good reasons at that time, these regulations are now out of date and must be removed.

If Digital Britain is to truly advance in the next decade, then it is important that fibre optic cables are provisioned into every household in the country. The regulatory issues, I have highlighted above only serve to delay and detract from the process.


Less infrastructure management overhead for BT (shared fibre optic infrastructure in the last mile to every home)

Less capital outlay by businesses when buying new services from telcos (lower capital outlay)

Less delay in commissioning new services (having to wait for a new cable to be installed)

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