Victims of house burglary, car crime or any form of theft should be financially re-imbursed by the offender. My personal issue with the way the system is at the moment is that the victim in effect gets "mugged" twice over. Firstly, with the theft itself and secondly with the impending increase in insurance premiums, replacement or repair costs.

Do you not think criminals would maybe think twice if they were FORCED to pay (financially) for their mis-demeanors, even if they were FORCED to earn the funds required by carrying out hard or menial disciplines (No dis-respect to anyone who conscientiously performs these tasks on a daily basis for a living)

Why is this idea important?

It is important that law and order is restored. In my opinion, the punishment doesn't fit the crime in burglary cases, in particular, car cime. I can't honestly believe that any one would be foolish enough to think that handing out fines that never get paid, asbo's that mean nothing, or driving bans that are worthless would stop an offender from re-offending.

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