The days of effective OFSTED inspections are over.  After recently had a team of inspectors in my school the only outcome was that the team were ineffective and rude.  The judgement on lessons were made after being in the room for 10 to 15 mins of an hour lesson and 'refusing' to read the lesson plan.  The inspectors gave stupid feedback to staff including "why teach algebra its boring" "No formal maths teaching is required should all be taught through games".  In the past inspections took a week and this did give the inspection team time to get a feel for the school.  In the new inspections its only two days and the report is based on prior data so basically teacher could walk on water and the outcome is already decided.  The education in this country needs help but not by a team of inspectors who are inspecting lessons when they clearly in most cases are not subject specialists.  the amount of money paid to inspcetors is 'silly' do they really need to paid so much and achieve so little.  The judgements cannot be questioned when it is obvious mistakes have been made.  So its my humble opinion that school inspections should be handed over to the relevant LEA and this will then stop excessive payments for inaccurate and inconsistent judgements.

Why is this idea important?

I feel stongly that an OFSTED team can seriously damage a good and happy school all for the sake of data.  If we need inspections then let the LEA do them and then if concerns arise they can monitor and intervene if required at least the LEA know the schools involved.  I am sure that inspectors being in a lesson for 10 to 15 mins is not allowing them to see the full scope of the teacher or pupils.  The whole process is false and upsets the children and workings of the school – save the money and let the LEA's manage their own schools.

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